Glenna Buford

LinkedIn: gbuford | github: glenna

Experienced Engineering Leader; iOS and React Native Engineer

About Me

I’m a passionate people leader with 6 years of experience managing engineering teams, and 2 years in the company management team. I’m a strategic thinker and like to focus on understanding problems before working on solutions. I love bringing individuals and their skillsets together to work on and solve problems towards a common goal.

In my role as VP of Engineering, I focus on People Management, Technical and Product Development.

On the People Development side, my passion is to work with my team to understand their needs and skills and coaching them to achieve their personal and career development goals.

On the Technical side, I have 10 years of technical experience, focused mostly on mobile development. That has allowed me to deeply understand the technical space in which my teams are working (and I’m still known to do code reviews, bug fixes, technical improvements and small features :) ).

And lastly, on the Product Development side, I like to immerse myself into knowing our users and how a product can support them in their lives. I like to work as a sparing partner with the Product team to discover areas of improvement, best practices, and to approach Product Development as a team working hand-in-hand.

Management & Leadership skills

Thoughtful communication to teams and individuals; 1:1s; Coaching team members and peers; Conducting peer review feedbacks; Interviewing & hiring; Process improvement & optimization; Communication & Expectation setting with stakeholders; Execution & delivery of projects; Leading through change;

Technical Skills


connected device company, combining premium design with medical grade features into its products. In February 2022, Withings acquired 8fit.

Utilizing my team’s experience in managing and delivering content to the 8fit app, we built a new Content Management System (CMS), including APIs used by technical teams, a web interface used by Content Editors, content databases, as well as, all of the supporting technical infrastructure, supporting the Health+ offering, serving xxx users of the HealthMate application available on iOS and Android.

Engineering Team Leader, February 2021-August 2023

8fit people and processes integration lead, February 2021-August 2023 During the initial integration phase with Withings (ongoing), I was responsible for planning and executing the migration and merging of technical services and tools, team integration, as well as legal and compliance documentation. In addition, I led and executed the project for sunsetting the 8fit apps and services, setting up roadmaps and executing the product development work.


health & fitness app, acquired by Withings in February 2022

Vice President of Engineering, December 2020-December 2022

Head of Frontend (Mobile and Web), May 2020 - December 2020

Engineering Manager, Frontend (mobile/web), June 2019 - April 2020

Senior Software Engineer, Frontend (mobile/web), 2019 - 2019 - Served as the engineering lead of a cross functional squad with 4 engineers - Collaborated with product team to prioritize and evaluate new features, functionalities, and on-going code maintenance (i.e. refactoring, SDK updates, iOS and Android update compliance) - Developed features, fixed bugs, and implement technical improvements to the mobile application - Owned the iOS infrastructure, upgrades, maintanence, etc.


an e-mobility platform

iOS Engineer, 2018 - 2019 - Collaborated with design and backend to implement new features throughout the app - Developed tooling to improve the dev workflow, e.g. automating the localization workflow - Utilized knowledge of platform features to recommend new features to the product team, and collaborated with various teams to kickstart feature design - Refactored our networking stack to improve usability for multiple clients - Collaborated closely with the hardware and backend teams to implement the MVP support of a new communication technology with the scooters


a free-to-play casual mobile game studio

Engineering Lead - Jelly Splash, 2016 - 2018 - Led a team of 4 engineers on Jelly Splash, a live mobile game, shipping updates and new features to over ~500k DAU - Advised on studio and company-wide technology and engineering issues and processes (e.g. sharing tech across games, and developing a workflow to promote sharing more tech) - Represented Wooga as a speaker at gaming and tech industry events and conferences
iOS Engineer - Jelly Splash, 2015 - 2018 - Implemented new features in the game, ranging from game play elements to implementing systems and UI for time-limited events, offers, and sales to SDK updates to iOS or Android specific features - Collaborated with product team to prioritize and evaluate new features, functionalities, and on-going legacy code maintenance (i.e. refactoring, SDK updates, iOS and Android update compliance) - Improved and maintained build and Jenkins CI systems - Supported Jelly Splash team member artists and designers with maintenance of self-service tools


creators of a platform to compile Objective-C to a native Android binary to enable cross-platform development for iOS developers

iOS Engineer, 2013 - 2015 - Worked with some of our biggest clients managing the prioritization of features and bug fixes in our platform - Worked on dozens of top 100 games on Google Play and developed new Android features for games to be debuted with at Google I/O - Implemented new Android and iOS features in our platform using our BridgeKit technology (an Objective-C wrapper around JNI) and other technologies, which were shipped to all clients - Worked with Apple’s open source Core Foundation: CFLite, and gained deep knowledge of Objective-C, the runtime and the iOS platform

Blazing Cloud

a tech consulting firm focusing on web and mobile

iOS Engineer, 2012 - 2013 - Learned iOS development through a 6 month internship leading to a full time position


Conferences/Talks - UIKonf, 2020, Emcee - LeadDev Berlin meetup, [From IC to EM: navigating the management path](), [slides](, [video]( - NSSpain 2019, [From IC to EM: navigating the management path](, [slides](, [video]( - UIKonf 2019, [Rolling your own network stack](, [slides](, [video]( - Young Innovators Camp 2018 participant, Heilbronn, [](, team placed 4th lolz - TechRec Berlin 2018, [Panel Discussion: Developing the culture of diversity and inclusion in tech]( - [We Rise Berlin Leadership Summit](, 2018 - Emcee and [Organizer]( - Altassian Summit 2018, Fireside Chat - Pledge 1% and the importance of supporting non-profits (on behalf of Women Who Code) - Quo Vadis 2018, [Bringing More Girls Into Tech And Games: What We Did, And What You Can Do!]( - Women Empowerment Conference at Institute for Cultural Diplomacy 2018, [Women Who Code Overview]( - #pragma Conference 2017, [ARKit]( - [slides](, [repo](, [video]( - try! Swift NYC 2017, [ARKit]( - [slides](, [repo](, [video]( - PG Connects London - [Shipping Casual Mobile Games]( panel, 2017 - Womenize 2015, [A Day in the Life of A Game Developer]( - Meetup Talks - [Let’s build a game!](, 2016 - The debugger is your friend - [2015]( ), [2017](
Open Source Contributions - [react-native-fbsdk-next](, 2021 - [React Native](, 2019 - [swift](, 2017 - [swift-corelibs-foundation](, 2017 - [Mozilla Firefox](, 2013 - [cocos2d-objc](, 2013
Community Involvement - [Women Who Code Berlin](, _Director_, 2016 - 2020, [meetup page]( - Girls’ Games Workshop, _Co-Founder_, 2016-current, [blog](, [article](
Other - [Kick It by Eliza Instructor Certification](, 2022, Level 2 certified - [Kick It by Eliza Virtual Instructor](, 2021 - 2022, 1x/week teaching a Kick It class via Zoom - [Kick It by Eliza Instructor Certification](, 2021, Level 1 certified